Photo by Tylor Setzer-Wylie

Photo by Tylor Setzer-Wylie


Northeast Ohio Based Photographer


My journey with photography began before the age of digital.  I worked at a One Hour Photo/Camera Counter during my college days and that is where I fell in love with cameras themselves.  The more I worked with them, learning and creating images through the eye of a camera, the more I knew I wanted that to be a part of my future…and so I switched my major. Studying Journalism/Photo Journalism I took my first college photography class where I was introduced to the full creative process. And so was born my first great love in photography…35mm black and white. I was fortunate enough to have a dark room set-up in my parent’s basement.  There I would spend many midnight hours after the school and workday was behind me.  My dark room quickly became  a place where I felt I could be completely me, to express myself and to create.

I have to admit that I moved into the world of digital photography with much reluctance.  How could it possibly be a match to my 35mm and dark room?  Yet here I am and LOVING IT!!!


The beauty of photography is not simply in its artistic expression...  It is the forever that it captures...Memories to relive...Future stories to be passed on...